Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Check the list below for common questions and problems.

Q) What do I need to watch UK television from

To receive UKTV2C you will need a broadband internet connection and a PC, Mac, handheld device or smartphone running SlingPlayer software or hardware such as a WD TV Box, Boxee Box, or NeoTV Box, these all carry the Sling App and plug straight into your TV. All other equipment such as your Freeview, Freesat or Satellite receiver are provided by us and hosted in our UK data centre.

You do not need to be present in the UK to set up anything. You can watch UK TV from anywhere in the world and we can help set up your system remotely.


Q) Can I watch UK television via the website?

No. Our website simply offers the resources and information required to receive our pictures. Your are advised to firstly register an account with us and choose the ideal package to suit you. We provide basic VPN (Virtual Private Network) services to access live UK TV via television station websites such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD or Demand Five or for a more professional service, we provide full access to UK hosted hardware such as Freeview boxes or Freesat and standard satellite receivers.

Customers wanting to watch UK TV will need to use either:

  1. SlingPlayer software on a PC or Mac
  2. The web site
  3. WD TV Box, Boxee Box, or NeoTV Box, Monsoon Vulkano Flow hardware that enables you to watch our service on a regular television set

Q) Can I watch UK TV using a standard TV set?

Yes. To do so, you will need to purchase additional hardware such as a WD TV Box, Boxee Box, or NeoTV Box or Monsoon Vulkano Flow and plug it into your TV set. We can provide technical assistance to help you set up your box correctly. Please contact us for more information on this service.

You are however also able to watch UKTV2C on many other devices which provide the same quality sound and picture quality. Software is freely available for devices such as:

  1. iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone
  2. Android devices
  3. Windows Phone
  4. BlackBerry devices
  5. Palm OS
  6. Symbian Smartphones
  7. Windows PC
  8. Apple Mac

Q) Can I record UK TV using your service?

Yes. Many of our packages now offer recording options that enable you record a single TV show, entire series or even pause and rewind live UK TV. Just like having a PVR in your own lounge, you can control your equipment and record any shows you like and watch them whenever you like.


Q) How does your service work?

UKTV2C uses professional quality equipment called "place-shift" devices by manufacturers such as SlingMedia and Monsoon.

Each of our customers are supplied with their own dedicated place-shifter which connects directly to a regular freeview, freesat or satellite receiver, which then converts the picture to a digital format that can be streamed over the internet, directly to you wherever you are, as long as you have a broadband connection.

UKTV2C provides British ex-patriots and Anglophiles with their entitlement to watch and enjoy UK television from anywhere in the world. All equipment provided to send you the signal is hosted in our data centre located in the north of England, UK.


Q) Do you offer any free trials of your service?


 Yes. To get access to a free trial, simply register an account and we will set up your no obligation 24 hour free trial.


Q) How much does it cost to receive UK TV?


Our packages start from as little as £9.99 a month, meaning anyone can afford to watch UK TV abroad on any budget.


Q) Does offer HD television?

Yes. Many of our packages offer the delivery of HD television stations. However, the quality of the final picture received depends highly on the speed of your internet connection and the equipment used. Our data centre uses a dedicated high speed leased line which offers blistering upload speeds. If you are using fast broadband or fibre-optic cable of 3Mb download speed or faster, you're picture quality should be close to 1080i or at least base level HD at 720p.

Speak to us if you need advice on achieving the best picture possible.


Q) What local television stations do you transmit?

Our television feed is from the "North West" of the United Kingdom so all local regional weather, news and television shows will relate directly to this area. Satellite systems do have localised transmissions for most areas in the UK


Q) Does offer Sky subscription and pay-per-view channels?

Yes. In most cases, all of our Sky based packages require you to set up your own account with Sky as a separate contractual subscription. As with UK licensing laws, you must be a UK citizen with a UK residential address to set up a Sky subscription account.

Contact us if you need help and advice on getting yourself a Sky subscription package.


Q) Do you offer any kind of UK based VPN (Virtual Private Network) service?

Yes. We offer a UK based VPN service to enable you to watch your UK television entitlement via the internet using websites such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD and Demand Five. Our VPN services are password protected and are designed strictly for use by British ex-pats to legitimately access UK websites.


Q) What is the minimum contract term allowed to use


There are no Contracts or minimum terms so you can use our service for as little or as long as you like. No cancellation periods are required. (Except where other subscription channels have been arranged, there may be a notice period required).


Q) Can I spread my payments?


Yes. We offer a variety of payment terms to help you spread the cost of using our service to suit your budget.


Q) What payment methods do you accept?


We use PayPal as our preferred payment provider. PayPal accepts all major credit and debit cards.


Q) Do I need a UK television licence to watch UK TV?

Yes. Our service is aimed at British ex-patriots and is legally provided under the terms of the UK television licensing scheme. Our service is aimed at giving British citizens the ability to stay in touch with matters back home via UK television services.


Q) How many computers can I set up to watch UK TV?

You are allowed to use as many computers or receiving equipment as you like. This means that you can watch UK TV in any room in your home or take it with you on your handheld devices. However, each device will be watching the same single feed so if you decide to change television channel, this will affect all other devices connected to the same stream.

If you require independent feeds for more than one device, computer or set-top box, you will need to sign up to an additional feed service. Please contact us for more information on how to get additional feeds.


Q) Can I share my UK TV feed with others?

No. It is strictly against our policy to share your account, usernames, passwords or unique IDs with anyone else. Sharing your feed is a breach of copyright laws and may result in disconnection of your service.

Our feeds are strictly one to one and are not designed to be used for public display or sharing purposes.


Q) Can I chose which channels I do and don't want to receive?

All of our packages cater for all tastes and demands so you should find a package to suit your needs. If you however, only want to view a few stations, we cannot provide a customised package. Most packages offer at least 50 UK TV stations minimum.


Q) What happens if my feed stops working?

Our support team is on hand 24/7 365 to answer your queries and help you where we can. It is our sole aim to provide the very best support and service we can and our up-time levels are very impressive. If however in the very unlikely circumstance that you lose your feed, please contact us for support.


Q) Can I use and supply you my own place-shifting equipment?

Yes. If you want to use your own SlingBox, Vulkano or television receiving equipment, please contact us directly to discuss your needs.


Q) What if I want a service you do not appear to offer?


Uktv2c will tailor any package to suit your needs, please contact us with your requirements.

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